SEMA 2007: Chevrolet Major League Baseball Silverado 1500 Lets You Look Even More Silly When You Play Wii Baseball

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Oh look, it's another Chevy Silverado here at SEMA. This one's got a baseball paint theme incorporating every major league team logo just in time to celebrate the time of the season when only two teams are able to continue to play ball. Because when a baseball uber-fan thinks about what kind of truck they want to drive, they totally think driving around in a truck that's got not only your team's logo on it, but is also decked out in every other team's logos. But, there's other fun in here — like real baseball bat ash wood trim and leather seats that look and feel like a real baseball. Doesn't that sound so very comfortable? Oh wait, here's the kicker — a wide screen TV connected to a real live Wii system. Because nothing says "real live baseball action" like a game system who's baseball game plays like a steroid-enhanced home run derby contest. While we go and throw up into our vomit bags that look and feel like a real baseball glove, check out the press release from Chevy after the jump.


The only thing missing from this home-run Silverado is the apple pie - because the baseball and Chevrolet are covered. The Silverado 1500 crew cab is decked out in a baseball theme - with a paint scheme that incorporates all major league team logos - to support Chevrolet's ties to Major League Baseball. It is also a fan's dream, with a power-lifting tonneau cover that rises to reveal a wide-screen television monitor that not only brings in the game, but is connected to a Wii gaming console. Inside, the Silverado features real baseball bat ash wood trim and uniquely trimmed leather seats that have the look and feel of a baseball - including the stitching.

Vehicle highlights:

• Silverado 1500 crew cab
• 6.0L V-8
• Multi-color, MLB-inspired paint scheme incorporating all team logos
• Power-lift tonneau
• Wide-screen TV with Wii gaming console
• Bose Surround Sound system
• Leather-trimmed interior with baseball stitching, color and feel
• Ash wood (baseball bat material) trim
GM Accessories features (production and concept):
• Chrome mesh grille
• Twenty-two-inch chrome wheels
• Hard shell tonneau cover
• DVD headrest system
• Ground effects kit

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First the exterior.... pandering for the Sports Fan, whose wife (or husband for that matter) would never be caught dead in something like this. Anyway, this is only a SEMA concept, so it won't be produced anyway.

Now for the Interior, and I'm quite saddened that GM didn't step this up better. The color should have been all "Tan", including Carpet, and Dash. Something similar to what Audi did with the original TT. The Wood actually looks good. But again this is GM, which takes things only 1/2 way.