Self-Righteous Fresno-Area Man Opposed to Lawn Parking

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Eddie Jimenez of the Fresno Bee doesn't like it when people park their vehicles on their front lawns. He lives in Reedley, California, which is another one of those Central Valley towns that may as well not be in California. But the thing that cheesed us off the most is that Fresnans (Fresnoites? Fresnenians?) have apparently had the temerity to pass legislation banning lawn-parking. People. You live in Fresno. It's a rite of passage the first time you park your vehicle on the grass, break out the cinder blocks and remove the wheels. There's no point in trying to make the Central Valley highfalutin'. In your heart of hearts, Eddie you know this. So quit yer bitchin'.


Park cars where they belong, not on lawn [Fresno Bee]

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Who are any of you people to judge Fresno? I live here and no one in my neighborhood parks their cars on the lawn, LOL.

This activity used to occur in Fresno in the 50's and 60's. People could park on the lawns because the bermuda grass could handle it. That activity has ended.

I am always amused when any time someone mentions Fresno their inner bigot arrises.

I wonder why such a nice city invited the little dicks to mock it. If you've never been to Fresno hop in the car and come have a look around.