Seinfeld Rolls 1967 Fiat "BTM," Unhurt

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld rolled his 1967 Fiat "BTM" this weekend after the brakes of the classic car failed on him. Apparently, after the brake failure, Seinfeld tried the emergency brake in East Hampton, NY, but it seems even that couldn't quite do the job, forcing Seinfeld to swerve in order to avoid flying into an intersection, thus rolling the car. We're told Seinfeld's OK. The '67 Fiat "BTM" (Yeah, so what's up with a Fiat "BTM," anyway? That's what the AP's claiming it is — and we've no idea what Fiat the man half behind a show about nothing owns) however, was not. Seinfeld's not be charged in the incident which is being attributed to mechanical failure. (Hat tip to Michael!) [via CNN]


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