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If you’ve never been tempted by the wares at a military surplus auction, you probably just didn’t know they exist. Hundreds of awesome army trucks get hawked every week, and now you can see what it’s like to actually take one home and drive it around!

Dirt Every Day’s Fred Williams is a certified truck nut and military vehicle enthusiast in particular. I mean, who isn’t. But he’s the lucky bastard to get his hands on a Stewart and Stevenson LMTV from an GovPlanet auction, take it around town, and try it out on some trails.


If you were already pretty close to pulling the trigger on an old Deuce-And-A-Half or retired Humvee, you’ll either be sold right now or scared straight over the reality of the fuel bill. Also the seats look pretty punishing. And where are you supposed to park that thing?

You know, that used Wrangler is starting to sound alright after all...

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