See What It's Like To Drive A Car On Two Wheels For Two Minutes

Here’s Terry Grant talking us through his adventures up the hill on two wheels in Nissan Juke in two minutes and ten seconds. It wasn’t easy, that’s for sure.


For starters, he almost lost it right after hitting a ramp. After sorting that out, he had to remember that the tarmac is far from being smooth right in front of the house, so taking the outside line seemed like a good idea. It worked.

While staying in first gear for the whole run, he then had to decrease his speed as much as possible for Molecomb, the corner that wrecks more precious cars than the whole Goodwood Circuit.

Just to keep things exciting, while getting closer to the finish line, his muscles started giving in, resulting in some rather heavy wobbling. No matter though, Terry soldiered through anyway.

What a drive!


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