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See What Happens When A Chevy Impala Sets Itself On Fire

Not content to leave all the fiery fun to exotic cars, a Chevy Impala recently decided to torch itself after a routine oil change. As you can see, everything appears to be business as usual until a service technician started the car and interrupted his co-worker's snack time by starting an unexpected engine fire.


As a Youtube commenter points out, the 3.8 liter V6 in this Impala is prone to developing a fuel leak at the fuel supply to fuel rail quick disconnect, which is exactly where it looks like this fire started. Although the flames were put out quickly,we'd guess it lasted long enough to do some expensive damage to the Impala's engine compartment.

There isn't any indication exactly where this Impala roast happened, but the video's terrible Bon Jovi soundtrack makes us suspect it occurred somewhere in the Garden State.


Hat tip to Dave!

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I had a couple friends in HS who worked at a quick-lube place, and I am sure those clowns would have just pushed the Impala out into the lot to "burn-off naturally." I knew very early on that I'd be changing my own oil.

All-in-all, it could've been a lot worse at a place like this, depending on who happens to be breaking-off the pan bolts that day.