See What Happens When A 1967 Camaro Crashes Into A Swimming Pool

While discovering a 1967 Camaro sitting in your driveway is surely the stuff of gearhead fantasy, as one Florida family learned this past week finding one sitting in your recently refinished swimming pool isn't quite the same.

59 year old Sherman Holland was out for a cruise in his vintage Camaro in Pembroke Pines, FL on Monday evening when he lost control of the car. got a copy of the accident report which details the exact path the car took to the pool—


"The Camaro was rounding a curve when it veered off the road, skidded across the grass, plowed through some bushes, grazed a palm tree, crashed through the fence of a neighboring house and smashed through the screened patio enclosure of the Aguilera home before splashing into the pool upside down"

The car and the recently remodeled pool were both pretty badly damaged in the incident. Amazingly Holland escaped injury in the crash, but he was cited for reckless driving and driving an estimated 65 MPH in a 30 MPH zone.

"He was hauling butt" explained Police Sgt. Scott Carris after the incident "He wound up in a pool, so you can say he wasn't driving in a careful and prudent manner"


[via Bangshift]

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