See What A Stolen Rental Camaro Looks Like After A 150 MPH Police Pursuit

While there's certainly nothing wrong with a little rental car abuse in the name of fun, we'd say 150 MPH Police chases in a car you didn't actually rent is a slightly different story.

According to KTVB Washington, it all began when a 23-year old Washington man stole a 2012 Camaro from a Hertz located at SEATAC International Airport around 11:30 PM Tuesday night. Police say they noticed a suspicious group of people gathered around a silver Camaro that matched the stolen car's description at approximately 2:30am Wednesday morning.


When police approached the group of people, a man immediately jumped in the car and sped off, setting in motion a high speed chase that resulted in the rental car destruction seen here. During the 50 mile pursuit the driver of the Camaro reached speeds of approximately 150 MPH.

Eventually a spike strip brought an end to the chase. The unidentified driver was surprisingly uninjured and arrested by the police. What really makes this story amazing is the fact that although this car was identified as an SS in the original story, it looks suspiciously like a V6 model to us.

[KTVB via Bangshift]


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