See The Full Extent Of The 2017 Ram Power Wagon's Articulating Abilities

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The 2017 Ram Power Wagon was unveiled at the Chicago Auto Show on a hydraulic platform that showcased how much the truck could tilt. Impressed, or happier with the lift kit you’ve got on that rusty old Dakota?

Along with an update for the new Power Wagon, Ram announced that all its awesome off-road bits will also be available across its whole lineup of heavy-duty pickups.


Those goodies are serious, too; beyond the stickers are a 2-inch lift, front and rear locking differentials, an electronically-disconnecting sway bar up front and a 12,000 pound winch.



Images/video via Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

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It’s a nice off-road setup from the factory, but I don’t much care for the handlebar mustache grille and enormous RAM letters on the tailgate that can be seen from outer space. It’s a bit much.