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See The Electric BMW i3 In Motion

The production BMW i3 is set to debut next week, although grainy photos of the electric car hit the web this week. Now we have a video that shows that the car looks like on the road.


The video showed up on Inside EVs this morning, and it treats us to shots of the i3 being driven in all sorts of places. (The part at the beginning reminds of the intro to Knight Rider for some reason. Shadowy flights and all that.) It may be a production car now, but the i3 has definitely retained most of the styling cues from the concept version, inside and out. That's probably a good thing for the tech-loving EV crowd.


The car's looks and technology are growing on me, but I'm concerned about its driving dynamics, which many early reviews have panned as being rather un-BMW-like in character. You'd think a rear-engined, rear-wheel drive electric car made by BMW would be a bit more fun. We'll see how the final version turns out.

Hat tip to Eric!

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I wonder how many recharges it took to make this video.