See Science Explain Why You're Stuck In Traffic

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Traffic congestion is caused by more than just construction, cops, bad drivers and lane-drops. Ever notice traffic jams can happen for no reason? You’re not imagining things, and this video explains why.

It basically comes down to consistency. Or rather, a lack-thereof. Enough drivers want to run up on the car ahead of them that whole blocks of traffic tend to move like an inchworm rather than a steadily flowing snake.

I’m sure if slow people just stuck to the right lane, this wouldn’t be a problem, but those problem people probably won’t read this, will they? Just kidding. I guess deep down I know driving in a line of cars moving at 50 mph is a lot less aggravating and more efficient than sprinting between 40 and 60 your whole trip.

Maybe if the fast folks drive a little slower and the slowpokes pick it up, we’ll be all sorted out. Or we can just wait until autonomous (hilariously pronounced “auto-nomis” by this video’s narrator) cars take over and deal with the speed regulating for us.


Or take the bus. The video claims Boston traffic would be 18 percent faster if just 1 percent of commuters did that. What do Bostonians know about driving, anyway?

Anyway, the video turns into a Toyota commercial a little after the three minute mark so stick around if you want to see a cute whiteboard illustration of the new Corolla.