If you can't, this nice man is here to help you. By pointing at things.

So, the updates to the 2015 Volkswagen Jetta are very, very subtle compared to the outgoing model. They're mostly aimed at improving aerodynamics and thus fuel efficiency, which is always a noble goal. And I'm sure some young, hard-working designer worked very, very hard at slightly tweaking the bumpers, because that sort of very fine, hardly-noticeable, barely-there technique is difficult to perfect.


And almost impossible to see.

VW sounds very proud of their handiwork, too, at least according to their price release:

The trunklid has an aerodynamic trailing edge, and on the sides the lines of this integrated spoiler extend into the rear fenders and then into the precise contour of the car's silhouette near the so-called character line.

So-called character line, indeed.


But there are available LED taillights, and that's a Thing that is happening now.


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