See how O.J. Simpson compares to the 1970 Chevrolet Nova

Although the idea of attaching O.J. Simpson to any product today might sound insane, back in 1970 it was an obvious choice.

Simpson had been picked first in the AFL-NFL common draft the year before and was already the star of the Buffalo Bills a year later. Who better to feature in an advertisement for the 1970 Nova?


Even though later in his life the football player would come to be best known for his association with a white Ford Bronco, back in 1970 it was O.J. nose to nose with the new Chevy Nova. It only takes a few clever comparisons to prove OJ Simpson is a lot better suited to being a football player than a five passenger automobile, but in the process Chevrolet manages to show off their "compact" car.

Interestingly enough in 1979 it was announced that both the Nova model run and Simpson's football career were over.

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