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Ever wanted to see laps in a Formula One car from all angles? Drag the camera back and forth to look at all the little details of what's going on? Wait no longer: Red Bull stuck a 360° camera on one of their cars and unleashed Sebastien Buemi on Rudskogen Motorsenter in Norway.


Currently YouTube-gle only supports 360-degree video playback for the Chrome browser and Android web browsers. That being said, inunsupported browsers, it looks like the topshot: a trippyvision wonderland of full-circle, two-helmeted Formula Weird, which is pretty entertaining in its own right.

On one of Google's homebrew products, however, you'll get a fun draggable interface for the video which allows you to move the camera to what you want to see.


This is especially useful during the donuts, because the back view of smoky tires is always better than the forward view.

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