Illustration for article titled Secretary Of Commerce Blames Seizure For Multiple Hit-And-Run Crashes

It was a bad weekend for mysterious celebrity crashes in Southern California. A day after Lindsay Lohan plowed a rented Porsche into the back of an 18-wheeler, Commerce John Bryson rear-ended two other vehicles while driving his Lexus in Los Angeles County.


The jury isn't out on what caused Lohan's crash, but Bryson claims his was caused by a seizure.


Witnesses in the first vehicle said that Bryson talked with them, but drove away. He reportedly crashed into another car, and was later found unconscious in his vehicle a short time later. The Commerce Department's Public Affairs team has been adamant that he passed a preliminary alcohol screening, although blood alcohol content test results are still pending.

Bryson, who was in California to deliver a commencement address, was kept in an area hospital overnight for observation. According to a Commerce Department spokesperson, neither he nor the occupants of the vehicles he allegedly hit suffered more than minor injuries. He has since returned to Washington.

Bryson is now under investigation in the felony hit-and-run case, but unlike Lohan, he hasn't been accused of trying to bribe the other drivers.

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