The tiny Secma F16 Roadster may not be angry or aggressive like a KTM X-Bow or a Caterham, but that doesn't mean you won't be able to have some good, clean fun in it. The 1.6-liter Renault four-banger powering the French track car produces just 105 HP, but it's mounted in the back for 40/60 front/rear weight distribution and Porsche-like handling. What's more, the whole car weighs just 1200 pounds, meaning the sprint from 0-62 MPH takes 5.9 seconds. Of course, the top speed is only 112 MPH, but you won't care, with a price equivalent to just over $23,000. Think of the Secma as part Meyers Manx, part Ariel Atom, but completely French.
Want comfort? Bring a pillow. The Secma F16's seat, steering wheel, and pedals are all fixed in place. Floormats have been apparently deemed pointless, and there's no compartment for your gloves. But none of that matters to us, because we can't get it over here in the US, no matter how much we want it. [via MotorAuthority]