Sebring GT2 Finish Mayhem

While it was little surprise that the R10 took the 12 Hours of Sebring overall, the stuff-of-legends finish happened in GT2 between Jorg Bergmeister's Flying Lizard Neun Elf and Jamie Melo's Risi F430. Maybe it was the Floridian locale that inspired it, but they got into some serious NASCAR-style paint trading on the last lap, with Melo knocking Bergmeister off balance to take the win. Badassness, manly thunder and cojones of brass abound. Check it. [Props to the wily Mr. Brennan for pointing it out.]


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Al Navarro

Grib-I have to say that I actually watched the Forza TV show...all 4 tivo'd episodes. In some ways, an appropriate end (attrition, attrition, attrition). FWIW, I didn't feel you said or did anything stupid (unless that was you who pulled a Melo on Angela Cope in that last race).

Now you can prove that your blogging has driven at least one person to watch the show. BTW, if they need an F1 commentor under 40 (Bob V is not getting any younger), who is also a minority (good for appearing to be an EOE), you know where to find me.

On Sebring's GT2 finish...I actually only caught it as part of a recap. Looked a little rough to my eyes, but nothing that should qualify for a penalty. Hopefully, the Porsche panzer division will figure out a way to tastefully even the score with Risi.

BTW, is Angela Cope hot or not?