S├ębastien Loeb is running a Citro├źn DS3 in the French Rally Championship's Rallye du Var this weekend in preparation for his one-off World Rally Championship return at Rallye Monte Carlo. It was a tad wet out there for Thursday's shakedown, and Loeb just didn't care.

This is no doubt a transit stage, where competitors drive on public roads between each stage that's taken at speed. Either way, the little Citro├źn seems to be set up just fine for the wet conditions.

I'm even getting flashbacks to 8-bit wagons splashing their ways through digital rivers in the old "Oregon Trail" trail game, only rally co-drivers usually don't die of dysentery for no reason like your wagon-mates always did. Both Loeb and his wife S├ęverine, who co-drove for this one, are likely safe.

Splashes on rally stages are not uncommon, however, this over-run creek seems a little longer than your average puddle in a low spot.