Sebastian Vettel Pulls A Sebastian Vettel In Malaysian Grand Prix Qualifying

It rains a lot in Malaysia, which makes for a race weekend that can typically be called "all higgeldy piggeldy," it's a technical term. It sure did rain during qualifying, but Vettel just didn't seem to notice.

We're now on our second race weekend of the season, and it's the second pole in a row for Vettel. On a track that was simultaneously getting drier on one half and wetter on the other, Vettel was able to chuck in a fast time of 1:49.674.


That just beat out the two Ferraris, but they aren't in the order you'd expect. Felipe Massa will be second on the grid at 1:50.587 with Fernando Alonso right behind at 1:50.727.

Love him (as many of you do) or hate him (as many of you do), Lewis Hamilton looked to be in with a shot at pole, but backed off on his final lap to settle for fourth.


Lastweek'swinnerKimiRaikkonenwasfastforawhilebutmaybesomethinghappenedwiththetiresortheconditionsI'mnotsureandendedupseventhonthegrid. UPDATE: The Kimster was penalized three grid spots for blocking, he'll set off tenth.

As for who to watch tomorrow? It's more like what to watch. There will be the threat of rain, and in changeable conditions I usually look to smooth operator Jenson Button to be one of the fast guys who will maximize his tires.


Speaking of tires, Pirelli brought the hard and medium compound tires to Malaysia. Interestingly, it seems like the hard tires are acting like the soft tires did last week. They work for a few laps, then have a staggering drop off in performance. Look for longer stints on the medium tires and a throwaway stint on the hards tomorrow.

Well, that's if it doesn't monsoon...

We'll see tomorrow at 3:30 AM on NBC Sports Network. And yes, results will be here, on the front page, tomorrow morning. Just like last week.


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