Sebastian Vettel Lays Down The Truth On Why F1 Needs A Monza Race

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“If you take Monza away from the calendar for any shitty money reasons, you are basically ripping our hearts out,” Vettel said after the Italian Grand Prix. Can I get an amen? Aaaaaaamen. Preach it, Brother Vettel. Preach.

The broadcasters apologized for Vettel’s salty language, but I don’t think his sentiment needs any apology at all. Series need to remember where they came from, and celebrate it. Everyone’s loving NASCAR’s dive back into its own history this weekend, for example. Fans love that. They love seeing the sport’s heritage, and there’s no better place that illustrates that than a historic circuit like Monza.

I know Vettel’s biased since Ferrari’s the home team at Monza, but it’s bad enough that we lost the home grand prix (Germany) for Mercedes this year. If there’s any race on the calendar that just looks like the world’s biggest party, it’s Monza. The Italian Formula One fans are loud and crazy like nowhere else, and it would be an utter travesty if it were replaced by some other race that’s far less interesting.


If Bernie can’t look past the financial benefits of getting in bed with questionable places to put on races with less history that rarely give us anything close to the show that places like Monza do, can we give his job to Vettel? Just sayin’. Maybe just calendar duty, to keep things sort of fair? The “Ferrari International Assistance” jokes would have a bit more bite, but at least the calendar wouldn’t suck.

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You can say what you want about Ferrari, about Vettel, and about the fans. The crowd went ape shit when Felipe Massa stepped out, and was that much more epic when he was interviewed and the crowd went bonkers. That says a lot about why tracks like Monza, especially Monza, should be left on the circuit.

I don’t know what world Bernie lives in, what alternate reality, but that man needs help in terms of what is best track wise for F1.

There are tracks like Istanbul that need to be put back on the calendar, but he charged an insane fortune just to come there to race.