Sebastian Vettel Forgot He Doesn't Drive For Red Bull Anymore

Screencap via Sky Sports
Screencap via Sky Sports

Ferrari Formula One driver and four-time F1 world champion Sebastian Vettel hasn’t driven for his former team Red Bull since 2014, yet he tried to get his Ferrari serviced in Red Bull’s pit stall during Free Practice 3 of the United States Grand Prix. Oops!

Sorry, Seb. Once you leave a team, you can’t expect your old team to service your car.


Vettel is currently running second fastest during Free Practice 3 at the time of this writing, dipping below yesterday’s new track record set by Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton with a 1:34.570. Meanwhile, Hamilton smashed his own record already, ripping a ludicrously fast 1:34.478 lap. We’ll see if that record drops even further as the session progresses.

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