Seattle Area Police Chief Causes Accident Driving While Texting

Federal Way Police Chief Brian Wilson has apologized for hitting a parked car while checking his Blackberry. The irony here? Washington state was the first to enact anti-texting laws. More ironic? No charges are planned.

It may be the Chief in the Seattle-area town was responding to another text message of "R U TEH BRAIN WILSON FRUM BEACH BOYZ?" but he apparently was checking his Blackberry and absentmindedly "lifted his foot" from the brake pedal while stopped at a light. As one might expect, a police cruiser unguided will find something to crash into and that's exactly what happened when the car collided with the stopped vehicle in front of him. At this point, no charges are planned, though Washington state does maintain anti-texting-while-driving laws. Do as we say, not as we do. [Seattle Times]


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