SEAT + Lamborghini + VW = Audi RS7 Concept

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Incorporating design elements from every vehicle in the VW Group, the Audi RS7 is Austrian designer Adriano Mudri's vision for future Audi products. Probably most successful are the minimal LED lights, eliminating the visual fuss of Audi's current corrective lenses.


[gallery 5491043]The hood and descending character lines passing over the front wheels and into the doors are pulled from the sporty SEATs like the SEAT Leon Cupra R, the scissor doors are straight off a Lamborghini Murcielago and the rear end is lifted from the Audi R8.


One of the mot interesting features is the exposed engine cover which is contoured to mimic the engine underneath. Neato, but wouldn't we rather just see the engine in question? [Adriano Mudri via CarBodyDesign]

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The most prominent design element I can discern is that of KIA's corporate grille...