'Scuse Me While I Eat This Corvette!

Since Jimi Hendrix himself drove a Corvette, it's kind of ironic seeing a Porsche ad talking about snacking on Corvettes with a string-quartet sawing away at "Purple Haze" in the background. However, Porsche's utter lack of late-80s car-ad cheepnis is refreshing; no feathered hair, leg warmers, or tape-stripe "performance" editions. And a 5.7-second 0-60 time was pretty good for the era.


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I personally prefer the slo-mo powersliding on asphalt to the ubiquitous stationary car rotating one direction slowly, then speeding up and rotating in the opposite direction with a white void in the background.

It's just a bad....bad...word....word...for a good...good...thing....I'm on the edge with that one.