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Screw Your iPod, Chrysler's In-Car Phonograph

Illustration for article titled Screw Your iPod, Chryslers In-Car Phonograph

In 1956, you could hardly call yourself a proto-audiophile if you didn't own any of the fine Chrysler products that featured this sweet in-car phonograph. This 'Highway Hi Fi' system featured a turntable that would slide out from behind a drop-down door from underneath the dash to play 45-speed or 7-inch records in certain formats. As you might imagine, there was one little problem with the system: skipping. Also, an exclusive agreement with Columbia meant that you could only listen to artists signed to Columbia Records (talk about DRM issues). Alas, the good die young and the system was soon abandoned. Oh to live in those halcyon days of convertible Desotos with my choice of The Sparklers Quartet or the Lennon Sisters on my own personal phonograph...


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att- That would be ARM. The only thing digital about this thing is its currenet representation on my monitor.

Pres- Good to know some things never change, eh?

will this double post now? In Jalopnik, comments pwn you!!! Go steal a comment system from TTAC.