We love the FR-S and any other affordable, rear-drive powerslide machine, but there is no question that the minivan is the greatest vehicle for hoons. We've put together a gallery of unparalleled minivan drifts, jumps, and carnage to prove that we're right.

What, did you go buy a Nissan S-Chassis to go drifting like this idiot? Mistake! You needed to buy yourself a $900 Toyota Previa like our friend Paco. He sold his ‘Vette and skipped all the 240SXs, BMWs, and RX-7s for this midengined minivan with 320,000 miles on the clock. It's got 133 horsepower, but after hacking the suspension into shape, it goes sideways in a hurry. Paco only thinks he's spent $1,800 on the build, but then that was before he went and bought a Lexus V8 to cram into the middle. You should follow this guy's YouTube channel because it's going to be epic.


(Hat tip to crown victor victoria!)

Oh, you think only a lifted bro truck can go offroad? Think again! Check out these morons geniuses hammering down a hillclimb just last weekend. The title of the video: "JOY RIDING IN MAW MAWS MINI VAN." Brilliant.

The secret to the minivan's outstanding qualities is that you just don't give a shit about them. These guys got a Ford Aerostar for $300 and set off on a road trip. They didn't make it past the parking lot.


Why? They found it was so good at jumping, they beat the car to a pulp. RIP Frank the Tank.

Did we say minivans are good at jumping? We meant they're great at jumping. Exhibit A: "Chevrolet Astro Van Jump."

Exhibit B: "Trashing The Mini Van."

Exhibit C: "Mini Van Huge Jump."

Minivans also make great obstacles. Here's a dude jumping over a damn minivan.

What about burnouts? HELL YES MINIVAN BURNOUTS. There are plenty of good FWD mommymobile burnout vids out there, but when it comes to smoking tires, you can never beat the Australians. Toyota HiAce, Lexus V8 swap, awesome.

Finally, we will leave you with this SRT-4 swapped Turbo Dodge representing the US of A with pride.


So the next time some forum troll tells you that you can't enjoy a car unless it fits some rigid set of ‘performance car rules,' remember these intrepid minivan hoons who took the shittiest cars they could get their hands on and made them into tire-shredding masterpieces.