Screw You Tweaker, You're Not Selling Bumbeck's Starion!!

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An IM conversation from earlier this evening:

Bumbeck:: someone swiped my pic from jalopnik for a CL ad
Bumbeck:: funny
Wert:: Wait, is it your pic that you took?
Bumbeck:: yep
Wert:: Sue them!!!!!!
Wert:: Want me to call the guy?
Wert:: Seriously, let's call the dude and tell him he's not selling your Starion
Wert:: He's also not going to be selling the picture of your Starion
Bumbeck:: That would be funny - but Napa County is full of tweakers
Wert:: Ok, fine, you're no fun...but wait, can we let our readers call him and say "Don't steal Bumbeck's Starion!" I mean, his number's on the ad...
Bumbeck:: Sure
Bumbeck:: Screw that guy


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