Screw Pentagrams: The Devil Prefers Her Stars With Three Points

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We admit that we love Prada lip balm. We admit to reading our girlfriends' magazines. We'll even admit to being obsessed with our weight. (That said, we've got a Craftsman torque wrench that we're not afraid to use!) But if there's an business this side of the auto industry (other than music or film/TV) more rife with feel-good self-congratulatory blue mud than fashion, we've yet to run across it. As such, Dieter's denizens at DaimlerChrysler have partnered with the producers of the filmic depiction of The Devil Wears Prada to put queen-bitch character Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep) in an S-Class. The real humor follows after the jump.

"Leveraging the car's presence in THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA and echoing its fashion-forward plot Mercedes-Benz USA is hosting special advanced screenings across the country that support philanthropies who will be running apparel and shoe drives to support businesswomen in need."


The only person we know who says "fashion-forward" with a straight face: A woman who left us for someone that Austin once described as a 1950s General Dynamics employee. Meanwhile, the all-caps stuff is so highly unfashionable we're almost embarrassed to reprint it.

In the spirit of such ridiculous richness, the PR types break out the most glorious of gems from the press clippings:

"The Los Angeles Times calls the car "immaculate and beautiful," and Car & Driver says it is "an aristocratic institution."


Two terms we'd use to describe Anna Wintour only while groveling at her feet while being flogged raw by one of her interns.

Quality control, Herr Doktor Zetsche! Quality Control!

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