Silver is a universally appreciated car color. As a result, it’s also kind of a lame one because pretty much every other car buyer picks it. I still like silver paint jobs though, except for one in particular: McLaren’s “Blade Silver.” I straight up lose my shit for it.

Over this last weekend I put 300 miles on a 2018 McLaren 570S Spider. And when I wasn’t driving it, I was staring at it. The exterior design on this $246,250 masterpiece is unique and intricately beautiful, even by supercar standards where the bar for good looks is as high as it gets.

The interior is executed with similarly inspired creativity, but before I indulge in writing about that and just how much fun the car is to drive, we need to step back and appreciate the majesty of Blade Silver.

Listed simply as “Special” within McLaren’s official online configurator, (it’s a $1,740 upgrade option) Blade Silver seems to exist somewhere between beige and grey.


Executed with a muted glossiness, the color looks simultaneously industrial and elegant making it absolutely perfect for the skin of a supercar.

My 570S Spider test car was also trimmed with a lot carbon fiber accents which punctuated the exterior. These I could take or leave, the dark spots and vents added some aggression to the smoothness of the color.

The very light cream-colored leather McLaren calls Almond White covering this particular vehicle’s seats complemented the Blade Silver body beautifully and helped sell it to me as my new favorite spray job.

Now, obviously, the 570S is a car that will look strikingly sweet in any number of colors. But I have to give this particular hue a special slice of love because it feels like a new take on an old classic; which is a tough thing to pull off in design. Blade Silver has made me fall in love with silver all over again.