Scott McLaughlin's Supercars Crash Was So Bad It Launched Debris Onto Someone's Balcony

Gif: Supercars (YouTube)

During qualifying for Sunday’s Virgin Australia Supercars’ Gold Coast 600 race, Penske Ford driver Scott McLaughlin suffered a huge crash that saw his car go sideways against the protective barriers. While McLaughlin was fine, the impact of the crash sent one of his shock absorbers flying several stories up onto someone’s balcony.


The crash was pretty damn gnarly. McLaughlin clipped the inside wall of the first chicane, and it was pretty much over after that. His Mustang tipped sideways and crossed in front of several other cars before finally coming to rest with the roof pressed to the barrier. Competitor Shane Van Gisbergen parked his car and rushed to help.

Because the crash impact was registered as being a whopping 43G, McLaughlin was still taken to the hospital for an MRI, just in case the at-track concussion test proved faulty. McLaughlin was fine.

But the real impact of the crash came to light on Sunday, when a local posted images holding what he claims is McLaughlin’s shock absorber, which had been launched several stories up and onto the balcony of a resident.

Thankfully, no one was outside at the time, and no one was hurt by the projectile debris, aside from that table and some tiling. But good lord is that kind of force incredibly terrifying to consider.

Supercars is investigating the situation, reports—which is probably a good call, considering that it is not particularly ideal to launch pieces of race car into the homes of unsuspecting people.

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