Score In Cantonese With An Alhambra 280ZX Turbo!

Let's say it's 1983 and you're an enterprising Datsun dealer who wants to sell cars to the Cantonese-speaking population of Southern California. Do you spend the big bucks and hire the actors from the Black Gold ad? Hell, no! You spend 50 bucks to hire a couple of out-of-work porn actors, hit the Goodwill for their costumes, and shoot the whole ad in a vacant lot in La Puente. Dub in a bit of action-movie soundtrack and you're ready to dominate the high-numbered UHF channels! The plot's a little thin, but it's hard to miss the message: buy this car and you'll score with random chicks you find standing in a vacant lot. Say, nice raised-white-letter Eagle GTs on that ZX!


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