Scoot Coupe Snapped In Detroit, End of World Pending

The times, they are a changing. We've been seeing all kinds of craziness on the roads of Detroit these days in response to the insanity of expensive gas. We saw our second Detroit area Smart ForTwo last night and are wondering if the taste for hulking behemoths is being usurped by the compact and efficient. This was followed up by the shock we felt when we snapped this little bugger parked outside a local bank. The "Scoot Coupe" is a two person runabout featuring engines ranging in size from 50cc up to 150cc, and have an MSRP starting at $6,199. That seems like a lot to pay for something that tops out at only 45 MPH. For that money we'd rather have an old El Camino with a surplus golf cart in the bed.

[More info at ScootCoupe]


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