Scion sure does know its youth demographic. Is there anything a kid enjoys more than faux graffiti designs and a talking ass cartoon character? No, not really. Scion's latest outreach to the youth market comes with a mock commercial featuring Assy McGee as a Scion xB slinging salesman—Assy is the gun-welding main character of the same-named Adult Swim cartoon. The commercial is featured within the actual show, and not as its own entity. If you're still curious what this Assy McGee guy is all about, check out a video after the jump.


Personally, Assy McGee is a fantastic and hilarious show and I don't blame Scion going that way to reach out to the youth it desperately wants to appease. Not surprisingly, this is Scion's second cameo in Adult Swim programming. The Scion tC was featured in Frisky Dingo. [Winding Road]

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