Scion FR-S: This is (almost) it

We'll be bringing you the first live shots of the Scion FR-S, America's version of the Toyota GT 86 at 8pm (PST) tonight, but in the meantime an FT86Club forumite has spotted a lightly disguised version on the road in Orange County. The good news? It looks pretty much identical to the Toyota.

Because nobody that cares about cars cares about Scion, Yankee Toyota is re-badging the GT 86 under that brand. There, you care about a Scion, the Toyatists have won.


The big remaining question was whether or not the re-badging would bring re-styling. In these photos, we see identical head and taillights as well as the front driving lights and grille. If this really is a disguised FR-S and not some GT 86 test mule, then the Scion is going to look exactly like the Toyota with the exception of badging.


Why are we exhausting such a ridiculously anal level of attention on minor styling differences? Well the GT 86/FR-S/Subaru BRZ has us more excited than pretty much almost any car of the last decade. Unlike heavier, more powerful coupes, this 197 HP, 2,689 Lbs 2+2 appears to be the most pure driver's car on sale this side of a Lotus Elise. It should be cheap too; we're hoping for mid-$20s.

Regardless, we'll know about the styling for sure tonight.

Photography credit: Joo H Park

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