Scion Chooses Lackluster HD Radio For Its Audio-Centric Customers

Toyota has recently announced a partnership with iBiquity, which will put HD Radio systems in a variety of Scion vehicles. What makes this partnership even funnier is the PR-speak Toyota used to announce the partnership.

"Since Scion customers are in tune with audio technology, it makes sense that we enhance our already outstanding audio offerings for them," said Jason Adang, Accessory Audio and Electronics Planning Manager, Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. "Digital HD Radio technology is ideal for our youthful, tech-savvy customers who will enjoy the wide range of content available on HD Radio channels."


Toyota hasn't gotten that hint that HD Radio is floundering, big time. This whole marketing thing is pretty new to Scion, as well.

Despite HD Radio's recent attempts to revitalize its name, the fact of the matter is that HD Radio is a niche that nobody wants to explore, especially the youth-demographic that Scion desperately wants. Oh, and the last time we checked being "in tune with audio offerings" doesn't mean "adopting technology on the brink of extinction, Toyota and Scion. [Orbitcast]

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