Scene Of The Crash: BBC Video Report On Richard Hammond; Doctors Report "Significant Brain Injury"

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The Beeb's got a new report up with some blurry crash scene footage, some stock footage of the Vampire jet-car, and Clarkson arriving at the hospital. It's not much folks, and it's rather boring, but it's the latest we got. [Hat tip to Dan]

UPDATE: is reporting the following:

TV presenter Richard Hammond suffered a "significant brain injury" in a high-speed crash, but doctors are "reasonably optimistic he will make a good recovery", Leeds General Infirmary said tonight.

In a statement, the Hospital Trust said: "Mr Hammond has suffered a significant brain injury.

"It's still giving cause for concern as it is still early after the injury.

"However, we are reasonably optimistic that he will make a good recovery."

Top Gear's Hammond suffered 'significant brain injury' in horror crash []


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