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Here at Jalopnik, where we have most definitely gone all-Hammond, all-the-time, we wanted to provide you with the latest update from our friends at the Beeb, who now report:

"Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond is improving but remains seriously ill in hospital after he crashed a jet-powered car during filming for the BBC show."


But by no means is he out of the woods yet, the Beeb goes on to provide some of the first info we've seen on Hammond's injuries:

He was initially reported to have suffered serious head injuries and was taken to the neurological unit of Leeds General Infirmary by helicopter.

The hospital confirmed that his wife was at his bedside and, at the request of his family, no further information would be released.


So that at least explains why they've not had much else. But the Beeb's got the first comments we've yet seen from Top Gear's bold but brash Jeremy Clarkson. Jezza's quoted as saying:

"I would just like to say how heartened Richard will be when I tell him just how many motorists and truck drivers on my way here wound down their windows to say they were rooting for him."

Referring to Hammond by his nickname, Clarkson added: "Both James and I are looking forward to getting our hamster back."


We'll have more later as the situation warrants and we now return you back to your original programming.

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