A scantily clad California woman stole a tow truck this past week and led police on a chase that ended in the barefoot freeway sprint and subsequent tackle seen above.


Police say the woman initially called the tow truck after her own car broke down. Instead of having her car towed, the woman (whose name was not released), allegedly stole the tow truck, leading the police on a pursuit that damaged at least one other vehicle.

The chase drew to a close when the woman decided to exit the tow truck in the less than graceful manner seen above and began running along the side of the freeway in Santa Fe Springs, Ca. Police quickly caught up with the suspect, who was wearing nothing but a fitted, black, midriff-baring top and spandex shorts, and brought the woman to the ground.


Los Angeles police Lt. Wayne Lightfoot says the scantily clad suspect will be charged with Grand Theft Auto. The reason her name was unavailable? According to Lightfoot it was "either because she was unable to provide it, severely mentally impaired or under the influence." We feel pretty safe guessing it was some combination of the aforementioned factors that led to the woman's wild early afternoon joy ride.

Hat tip to $kaycog!

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