Scammers Using Toyota's Name To Rip Off Consumers

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By way of Toyota's own Open Road Blog is word of a new scam using Toyota's name in vain to obtain financial info for use in identity theft and raiding bank accounts. The scam involves a letter and sometimes an included check branded with Toyota's logo. A couple of different forms of the scam are circulating — one of them involves a mystery-shopper program. Another is a about a lottery awarding free money and a Toyota vehicle. And let's be clear here — if you fell for this, we've got a Nigerian lottery we'd like to discuss with you.


Come on people, Toyota may seem pretty nice, what with all of their hybrids and talk of saving the world and whatever — everyone knows that's the real scam. Don't buy it, just like you shouldn't buy a letter arriving in your box telling you you've just won a brand new car. And if you do believe that, again, let's talk about that Nigerian lottery we can cut you in on. [Toyota Open Road Blog] (Photo Credit: Futurama Wiki)

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