Say Hello To Two Of The Greatest Supercars Ever Built

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The McLaren F1. The Pagani Zonda.

These two cars were each created under the vision of one man. In the case of the McLaren F1, it's Gordon Murray and the Zonda was the baby of Horacio Pagani.


And those visions are expressed through cars that don't make any sacrifices and pay incredible attention to detail. The engine bay of the F1 is lined in gold. Every bolt in the Zonda is made by Pagani.

It's little details like this that make the F1 and Zonda two of the greatest cars to ever hit the road.

The cars seen here are a Pagani Zonda AB (a one of a kind car) and a McLaren F1 GTR that raced in Japan with iconic Lark livery. Our friend GF Williams was able to get the cars together for a photo shoot. We're not jealous... not at all.

Photo Credit: GF Williams

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That Zonda AB is an interesting specimen. It started out as a normal C12 S (pre-F), but gained an F front clip and a Cinque colour scheme. It also seems to have a different diffuser, from what I remember of the typical C12 S.

These pre-F cars had the best exhaust note IMO, possibly of any car.