Save The Giant Rear Wings, Save The World

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Conventional wisdom states all rear wings do on FWD cars is increase drag and reduce fuel economy. Chinese designer Leon Zhu wants to challenge that notion, using the vast empty space inside them to store a solar shade.

Think of it as a giant version of the 2010 Toyota Prius's solar sunroof combined with those foldable cardboard windscreen shades with sunglasses printed on them. It could simultaneously protect your interior from the Sun's harmful rays, reduce the amount of power needed to run the A/C on max when you eventually climb back in and even, like the Prius, provide power for a fan to run while the car is parked, keeping the interior cool. Plus, the wing makes this Chevy Impala look totally bitchin'.


And by "bitchin'" we mean, of course, silly as all get out. [DesignBoom via Hooniverse]

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Jonathan Harper

Hmmm. Very interesting idea.

Considering it would probably add spoilers to more FWD cars I'm gonna have to go ahead and veto this one.