Save The Date For Jalopnik’s All-Day, All-Night 24 Hour LeManstravaganza!

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You could spend the weekend of June 18th mowing your lawn, lazily watching the Golf Channel on the couch, or avoiding talking to your spouse. Or you could come to New York and party with us for 24 hours straight during the greatest race in the entire world—the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Save the dates! Jalopnik is throwing a 24-hour party on June 18th and June 19th in the theater in our New York office.

There will be racing. There will be food. There will be trivia. There will be prizes. Jalopnik’s All-Day, All-Night 24 Hour LeManstravaganza, presented by Porsche, will be the best way to enjoy the race outside of France.


That’s right: we’re going to throw a party that lasts the entire race. Not just a couple hours, not just a mere 12 hours, the whole shebang. All of it, from start to finish. Every hour of the race you can manage to stay awake, there will be partying.

Many details to come, but we all know that the hardest thing about watching a 24-hour race is is staying awake when you’re alone on the couch with your headphones on.

Our solution? We’re throwing a day full of festivities, games, food, and surprises. We’re outfitting our office, and its gigantic movie theater screen, as the ultimate viewing experience for people who want to watch an hour of the race or the whole damn thing.

Clear your calendar. Hire a babysitter. Prepare your bodies. The 24-hour LeManstravaganza is coming.

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Chris_K_F drives an FR-Slow

This is very tempting, enough so that a flight from Chicago might not be out of the question.

Will there be nap pods?