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Around this time last year, the clutch belt went out on my WRX. It was well out of warranty by then so it wasn't a cheap fix. I wish I had known about KaleCo Auto back then. I could have gotten the clutch belt, a new radiator insulator and some headlight fluid for really cheap.


Normally we at Jalopnik don't shill for any particular product or website. We work for you, our readers, not any company or special interest. But I'd be doing you folks a disservice if I didn't tell you how much money you can save on butt dynos, chrome hollow plug wires, Johnson rods, seasonal tire air, spark plug wire cleaners, and tons of other products over at KaleCo Auto.

I mean, you can get a Kuhneutson valve for just $20! How about a piston return spring for $54.99, or heavy duty tire beads for just $10.99? Good luck finding stuff that cheap at Pep Boys!


It's not just parts, either. KaleCo Auto is the mechanic's best friend. They have the cheapest chin nuts and left-handed metric screwdrivers I have ever seen on the web. You're gonna save a ton of money with these guys, I guarantee it.

What's your favorite product over at KaleCo Auto?

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