Save A Hot Rod, Save The World

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Save the cheerleader? Nope. Enzos? Sure. But to really save the world, save a hot rod. We think anyway. [via PacePirate]


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Hi. Me again. Tree-hugger, granola muncher, environmental educator - you've heard that much before.

I hate this kind of crap. Not because of the implied violence - I get the joke - but because of the divisiveness it creates.

I'm an enviro-nazi. I admit it. I hate consumption and waste. I loathe that we're poisoning our air and water. I absolutely despise the fact that we're stripping our forests and watersheds at a pace they can't possibly replenish themselves. I work actively - daily - to promote a culture of conservation and restraint; to create a society that puts the earth first.

However, to say that I'm not a car-guy or somehow actively against hot-rod culture, just because of my conservationism is absurd. The reality is that the small proportion of weekend-driven, seasonally-stored, often trailered around hot-rods and street rods are not responsible for the continued decline of our environmental health.

Soccer moms and their giant, unnecessary SUVs contribute way more in the way of waste, carbon, fuel consumption and infrastructure degradation, than do the entire hot-rod culture of North America.

I've got a part-ownership in a lightly modified (283 engine swap, 4bbl, 5 speed short throw, dual exhaust, lowered 2" and a 1 1/2" wheelbase extension) '55 Chev pickup. I sleep well at night knowing that that truck, used as a hot-rod/cruiser vehicle is doing minimal harm to the environment.