What started as a quick fix for a scratch on Jill Bell's 1993 Saturn SL turned into a unique, quilt-inspired paint job which took over a year and 250 bottles of nail polish to complete.

Jill Bell noticed a scratched spot in a dent on the hood of her 1993 Saturn and decided to cover it with nail polish before the onset of winter caused it to rust and spread. When it held up to the elements, Jill, an avid quilter, wondered why she couldn't cover the entire car in a quilt inspired paint job of the same stuff. Over the course of a year, Jill collected unused bottles of nail polish from her friends and worked at creating a patchwork pattern reminiscent of her favorite past time.

The car definitely stands out in traffic, and when asked how people respond Jill said "the only people who have said anything are the people that like it." Maybe not our cup of tea, but it's better than a Lamborghini with a butterfly wings and skulls paint job. [Maryland Gazette]