Sarah Palin Brings Youth, Feathered Hair And Mustang Grande To The McCain Ticket

We were speculating just last week about what appeared to be Barack Obama's '61 Dodge Lancer (as well as his 2000 Grand Cherokee), wondering what the McCain camp could do to counter the old Mopar's awesomeness… when here comes a shot of McCain running mate Sarah Palin posing by a '73 Ford Mustang Grande with the most 80s hair imaginable! If not for the trees and stuff in the background, this photo could easily have been lifted right out of my high school yearbook. Can you hear the strains of Judas Priest and smell the burning seeds and stems? She's 9 years older than the car - and yes, it does make me feel old to realize that a major party's VP candidate is about my age - which means the equivalent McCain photo would feature a sporty '46 Ford Super Deluxe Coupe.


Speaking of stems and seeds, here's a shot from the Alameda High 1984 yearbook, showing the cheerleaders sitting on a new Corvette at the local Chevrolet dealership. Yet some folks feel compelled to celebrate 80s nostalgia. Thanks to Rognbrow for the tip!

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