Sapporo Brings Touch of Mitsu-Malaise To Oregon

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The streets of Eugene, Oregon (and PaulN's camera) gave us the '68 Saab 96 few weeks ago, and now PaulN has found us another interesting old Eugenemobile. The Plymouth Sapporo was yet another of Chrysler's attempts to fend off Malaise collapse by slapping its nameplates on various Mitsubishis, but (unlike the Colt) they're just about impossible to find nowadays. Make the jump for an additional gallery and PaulN's description.


Either a '78, '79 or '80. Also sold as Dodge Challenger. It's a Mitsubishi Galant Lambda, or Scorpion. RWD; 2.6 Astron 4 cylinder with silent shaft and MCA Jet (similar to Hondas CvCC) extra valve for emission control. It was Japanese version of the "luxury personal car"; counterpart to Chrysler Cordoba, et al. It was also the predecessor to the Starion, which shared the same basic platform/chassis, and engine (turbo, of course). It did not sell very well. This example has 45k miles on the odo, and looks very well cared-for. Textured vinyl roof, targa band, opera lights, pure Japanese Malaise-mobile.


Rob Emslie

@skyln95: Geez, I'm glad you didn't say she hooked for it.