Friends Don't Let Friends Buy Knockoff Wheels

GIF via Mike Koziel

If Santa Claus drank all your beer and peed on your gift, you’d be mad, too. Watch the drift squad of Faction! get some gloriously sideways revenge on Santa for ruining their Christmas.

I guess cheap knock-off wheels really are the coal of automotive presents!

Either way, Santa can throw all the packages he’d like, but his skateboard is no match for a powerful drift missile.


This is a bit of an annual tradition for the Faction! drift club. Catch up now, because they’re fun:


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Counterpoint: the original designs are expensive as f*** and the right knockoffs can a better value at a lesser price.

Case in point: Konig Helium (copy) vs. Volk Racing CE28N.

Konig: 11.4 pounds in a 15x6.5 configuration for less than 90$ per wheel.

Volk: roughly 8.6 pounds for a 15x6.5 but at 569$ PER WHEEL.

I’m sorry, but a set of four CE28N’s would be equal to half of my Miata’s current value and I can’t justify spending that much just to ditch 12 pounds of rotational mass. If I was going to SCCA Solo Nationals, where everyone else is running Volks and SSRs, then maybe I would but I won’t since I’m only competing at a local level. My Konigs have been very durable for daily driving and autocross for the past 3 years...and I bought them used!

Also, you have to factor in the replacement costs if once gets damaged. It’s a lot less painful replacing a Helium than a true CE28N because of a crappy South Carolina pothole.