San Francisco Smash 'n' Grabs

Where're Mike Stone and Steve Keller when you need them? While we undoubtedly have left our heart in San Francisco — something that becomes increasingly clear after every passing year we're not in the Bay Area — one thing we don't miss about Baghdad by the Bay is the absolutely nutso propensity of crooks to break into one's car. We've lived in less-than-savory parts of town before, and the only time we've had our car broken into was in SF. Five times in ten years. And three of those were within the space of eight months. But we don't come alone. We are fire, we are stone, and there are at least 15,776 vehicles in SF that feel the same way. And how many people does the SFPD have on the auto detail? Five. Yes. Five. San Francisco, we love you, but really, fuck you. You DPT us to death and then do nothing when our cars get vandalized. We wish we had a more polite response, but well, we just don't.

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