San Diego Serenade: Triumph Stag and Buick LeSabre

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The Bonus Edition DOTS cars just keep coming in. Today we're heading down to San Diego, where Brian B captured a very Jalopnik-centric pair of vintage cars: a 1968 Buick LeSabre and a 1972 Triumph Stag. One is a vast sedan with styling that may have been aimed at old people, but at least they were hip old people (like retired mobsters, etc). The other is a sporty British V8 machine with a reputation for unreliability so awe-inspiring that you can't help but admire its owner. Good finds! Make the jump to read Brian's descriptions.

(Buick): I saw this lovely ol' gal docked in Pacific Beach and thought you might enjoy. She appears to be original and the relative lack of rust tells me she hasn't spent her whole life in CO. I'd peg it as a '68, giving it the 2bbl 350, right?
(Triumph) I saw this beautiful Stag, replete with removable HT option, when I went to my neighborhood c-store today. Apart from the dirty water spots and the slushbox, the car is absolutely flawless. Don't know about you, but I don't see one of these every day - let alone in such great condition. Hopefully has owned it over the years has been insane enough to keep the original TR 3.0 liter V8.

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Raphael Orlove

Seeing the little pinstriping on the Buick makes me think of how some objects, and especially cars, are raised to a higher level of worth, that people attach times, places, events, even themselves into the lives of objects, giving them a spirit, an anima that lives inside the inanimate. And people wonder why I love cars.